Tour Our Dental Office in Schaumburg, IL

Why should you choose Scharrington Dental as your provider of choice in the dental industry? We take pride in the quality services that we offer, and our dental team is proactive in maintaining the latest dental technology for our patients. Our dental office is designed to be a comfortable, pleasing environment where you can relax while receiving the latest treatments available in the industry.

We believe every patient deserves quality, custom dental services. We work hard to give you the best possible dental experience, which is why we prioritize safety and cleanliness in our office. We use state-of-the-art technology to provide optimal treatments, accurate diagnostics, and comprehensive information.

Not only do we have access to the highest quality technology and services available in the dental industry, but you can rest assured knowing that our experienced dental team pays attention to the small details that will improve your experience. Our comfortable dental office environment gives you a location where you can relax knowing that you are receiving optimal dental care.

Why See a Prosthodontist?

At Scharrington Dental, we offer more than general dental services. As prosthodontists, we are specialized in a unique range of treatments available in the industry. Most people don’t understand the difference between a general dentist and services offered by a prosthodontist. The distinction is found in the additional skills and expertise offered by a prosthodontist.

To receive prosthodontist credentials, an additional three years of specialized training is required beyond dental school. This training is focused on treatment design, rehabilitation, and oral function support to ensure appearance, comfort, and dental health of patients with missing teeth or maxillofacial tissue issues.

Prosthodontists are experienced with all types of dental restorations, including dental implants, dentures, bridges, crowns, and dental veneers. Not only do patients receive an improvement in the appearance of their smiles, but these treatments are also designed to offer the highest levels of comfort and function as well.

These dental restorations are designed to fit the patient’s facial structure and overall appearance, creating a natural-looking, attractive smile that offers daily function as well. You can rest assured that our additional expertise will contribute to your overall comfort and satisfaction.